Built2Build Partnerships Retreats

Mind Over Matter Retreats
July 10, 2020

We’ve created space to practice team building & bonding for partners of many types — romantic and business partnerships with adults and young adults. Every activity we do either draws us closer to our desires or pushes us further away from the things that do not promote growth. We take time to work on the connection within your relationship with activities that will require you to get over some fears, trust in your partnership, and clarify what support looks like for one another. Through understanding, you will be building stronger bonds. A retreat like no other, learn how to set boundaries, communicate expectations, and trust yourself and partner. Intentional communication alone is powerful, but with joined efforts, a partnership turns it into something magical. Learning how someone else processes what you say and do can be a bit tougher when you are building. In a safe environment let’s listen, learn, and practice communication with your partner, child, or friend.

This experience has limited space – 6 groups (12 participants) tops. So take advantage and indulge in some group activities and individual experiences.

NEXT RETREAT: October 21-25, 2021

LOCATION: Niagara Falls, Canada

DEPOSIT: $550 (Non-Refundable)

FULL COST: $5500